Business Training

Jump start your business to greater financial success through real-world training.

Discover new management approaches and enhance your business understanding by viewing videos in our training library. Witness an unsurpassed learning experience led by seasoned business management experts. These practival hands-on videos will inform, engage and inspire you to achieve enhanced profits, greater cash flow and improved balance sheet management. 


The Bloodline of Business - Discover the Things That Impact Cash

Discover what impacts cash in your business. This video addresses the operational items that have a negative or positive impact on your company’s cash position. Discover a business’ nine (9) critical cash components. Learn what drives cash in your business.


Want More Business Cash - Operationally You Need to Do This

Learn how to manage your company’s cash position. Discover operational techniques that will yield you better cash flow. If you want more cash, learn how to determine how much your business’ critical cash components must operationally change to generate a predetermined level of cash. Discover ways to maximize your company’s cash position.


Statement of Cash Flow - What does it tell me & how do I interpret

Learn how to generate, read and interpret the Statement of Cash Flow. Examine the three (3) different formats for cash generated by your bankers and accountants. Discover which format is easiest to read. Learn how to read and interpret the format HBRC endorses for business owner use.