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BUSINESS ENTITY STRUCTURES - General Things to Consider

This webinar examines the major entity structures available for small business owners. It discusses U.S business statistics and the major issues that should be considered when a business owner meets with their accountant/lawyer to select an appropriate entity structure.


BUSINESS LIFE CYCLE - Where Is My Business and What Financial Solutions Should I Look For

This webinar examines the different stages of the business life cycle. It examines the general characteristics, common financial challenges and suggests financial solutions for each stage of the business life cycle.


COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE - Investment and Management Considerations

This webinar discusses the major motivations for investing in real estate and the key issues when acquiring existing property or building your own. It also examines the major issues you should consider during the construction process.


EBITDA - Is There an Over Reliance on Its Usage

This webinar discusses the meaning and use of financial term EBITDA. It discusses the two primary uses of EBITDA and examines when it is appropriate and when there is an over-reliance on its calculation.