Business Training

Jump start your business to greater financial success through real-world training.

Discover new management approaches and enhance your business understanding by viewing videos in our training library. Witness an unsurpassed learning experience led by seasoned business management experts. These practival hands-on videos will inform, engage and inspire you to achieve enhanced profits, greater cash flow and improved balance sheet management. 


Business Accounting Principles

Mastering The Logic Behind Business Financial Statements

Break the accounting mystery down, make it simple. Learn the nine (9) governing accounting principles that dictate how business financial statements are to be created. Having timely accurate financial statements are one of the keys to business success. Accurate means they comply. In layman’s terms learn what they must comply with to satisfy your bankers and other advisors.


Business Capital Formation - Practical Laws For Business Funding

Discover what drives the relentless need for business capital. Learn two (2) beneficial rules for acquiring additional capital and discover “Devine’s six (6) Laws” for capital formation. Having a well-designed strategy for acquiring capital will yield you maximum benefits.


Characteristics of a Valuable Business - Your Business Should Look Like This

Business Value is only good if it is transferrable. Learn what constitutes business value. Discover the characteristics of true business value and examine what business owners can do to enhance their company’s value. Learn how to build value that is transferrable.