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Discover new management approaches and enhance your business understanding by viewing videos in our training library. Witness an unsurpassed learning experience led by seasoned business management experts. These practival hands-on videos will inform, engage and inspire you to achieve enhanced profits, greater cash flow and improved balance sheet management. 


Business Accounting Principles

Mastering The Logic Behind Business Financial Statements

Break the accounting mystery down, make it simple. Learn the nine (9) governing accounting principles that dictate how business financial statements are to be created. Having timely accurate financial statements are one of the keys to business success. Accurate means they comply. In layman’s terms learn what they must comply with to satisfy your bankers and other advisors.


Business Capital Formation - Practical Laws For Business Funding

Discover what drives the relentless need for business capital. Learn two (2) beneficial rules for acquiring additional capital and discover “Devine’s six (6) Laws” for capital formation. Having a well-designed strategy for acquiring capital will yield you maximum benefits.


The Bloodline of Business - Discover the Things That Impact Cash

Discover what impacts cash in your business. This video addresses the operational items that have a negative or positive impact on your company’s cash position. Discover a business’ nine (9) critical cash components. Learn what drives cash in your business.


Want More Business Cash - Operationally You Need to Do This

Learn how to manage your company’s cash position. Discover operational techniques that will yield you better cash flow. If you want more cash, learn how to determine how much your business’ critical cash components must operationally change to generate a predetermined level of cash. Discover ways to maximize your company’s cash position.


Statement of Cash Flow - What does it tell me & how do I interpret

Learn how to generate, read and interpret the Statement of Cash Flow. Examine the three (3) different formats for cash generated by your bankers and accountants. Discover which format is easiest to read. Learn how to read and interpret the format HBRC endorses for business owner use.


Characteristics of a Valuable Business - Your Business Should Look Like This

Business Value is only good if it is transferrable. Learn what constitutes business value. Discover the characteristics of true business value and examine what business owners can do to enhance their company’s value. Learn how to build value that is transferrable.


Managing Business Growth - Implementing Strategies to Enhance Growth

Discover six (6) growth management strategies. Learn operational strategies that enable your business to achieve its growth potential. Examine different strategies and how to implement the ones that best fit your personal objectives.


Managing Business Growth - How Fast Can My Business Grow w/o Growing Broke

Growth; is the “silent killer” in business. Learn how growth impacts business performance. Discover the choices a business owner can make when their business jumps on the growth road. Learn how to calculate your business’ sustainable growth rate (SGR), and what happens to operational performance when you violate your company’s SGR.


Business Profits vs Cash - When & Why They Are Not The Same

Do not be misled, in most business scenarios profits are NOT the same as cash! Discover how and when this is a true statement. Examine a business’ cash flow diagram and learn the three (3) different business cash scenarios. Discover which one describes your business?


Generating Business Profits - Ways to Plan on Making More Money

Your business can never generate too much profit. Discover how much profit your business should be making annually. Examine the four (4) ways to make more money, which there are only four. Discover how to calculate operational changes needed to generate a desired level of profits.


Roadblock to Profitability & Internal Operating Cash - Discover 5 Dominant Operational Roadblocks

Discover a business’ five (5) primary roadblocks to profitability. Learn how to read the Roadblocks to Profitability diagram and discover how to identify which roadblocks are preventing your company from achieving its decided level of profits. Learn how to get to the “root cause” for not generating the profits you want.


Mastering Balance Sheet Logic - Examining Tools For Balance Sheet Analysis

Discover tools to analyze your company's Balance Sheet strength. Learn the logic for Balance Sheet construction and the importance of having a solid balance sheet. Examine the critical financial relationshps and what each measure evaluates.


Justifying Fixed Asset Purchases - Proper Techniques to Justify Their Acquisition

Don't buy fixed assets just because you want them, learn how to justify their purchase. Discover why buying fixed assets are a bad idea without proper justification. Learn different techniques for justifying buying fixed assets and discover how to rank order your anlaysis.


Financing Different Asset Patterns - Proper Way to Finance Different Asset Categories

Discover three dominant asset categories used by businesses. Learn the proper way to fiancne seasonal, fixed, and permanent working capital assets in order to maintain a solid balance sheet structure.You will also discover the consequences of improper asset funding.


Establising The Right Price - Proper Techniques For Establishing Price

Do not match your competitor's price, discover techniques for establishing the correct price to achieve desired objectives. Learn how to use the "Mona Lisa of Finance" model to evaluate financial decisions/ Discover how to calculate the volume impace of contemplated price changes.


Mastering Income Statement Logic - Examining Tools For Income Statement Analysis

Discover tools to analyzie your company's Income Statement performance. Learn the logic for Income Statement construction and the importance for generating a profit. Examine the critical financial relationships and what each measure evaluates.