Business Analysis

Know where your business stands and where to go next.

The journey towards business success includes a thorough grasp of your unique set of circumstances and being able to see pivot points. Our library of do-it-yourself interactive workbooks will help you dramatically increase your understanding of small business in order to become a better business manager. Rather than presenting big ideas that seem to have no correlation in a small business setting, our guides are structured as “how-to” manuals. The key for implementing each topic is using your financial information. Order print or download digital versions of our workbooks from the categories below.


Take Action Series: Analyzing Your Business’ Financial Performance

Take the mystery out of financial analysis with this workbook. Learn how to calculate and interpret your financial performance, so you can better evaluate your business progress.

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Take Action Series: Analyzing Business Financial Performance
Include print copy (+$69.95)
Total price: $49.95
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